Why is the masterplan being redrafted?

    The masterplan is being redrafted to incorporate community feedback, address new ideas and concerns, and ensure the park meets the evolving needs and expectations of the community and its visitors.

    How can I participate in the development of the new masterplan?

    You can participate by attending public meetings, joining site walks with council officers, and sharing your thoughts and ideas on the online engagement platform at engage.mansfield.vic.gov.au.

    When and where will public meetings and site walks be held?

    Public meetings and site walks will be held during the engagement period. Specific dates, times, and locations are available on the main body of the engage Mansfield webpage.

    What is the purpose of the Mansfield Botanical Park Masterplan?

    The purpose of the Mansfield Botanical Park Masterplan is to provide a long-term vision for the development, management, and enhancement of the park, ensuring it remains a welcoming, accessible, and sustainable space for the community and visitors to enjoy.

    What are some of the key elements being considered in the new masterplan?

    Some key elements include retaining the openness of the park, balancing natural and developed areas, enhancing accessibility and safety, and incorporating specific community-suggested ideas such as a dementia-friendly garden, improved paths, and additional picnic shelters.

    How will my feedback be used to inform the redrafted masterplan?

    Your feedback will be collected, analysed, and used to inform the revisions and adjustments made to the masterplan. This ensures that the final plan reflects the needs, aspirations, and desires of the community.

    How will the final masterplan be implemented and what is the expected timeline for completion?

    Once the masterplan is adopted by the Council, a phased implementation plan will be developed, outlining specific projects, timelines, and funding requirements. The exact timeline for completion will depend on available resources and priorities.

    How can I stay updated on the progress of the Mansfield Botanical Park Masterplan?

    You can stay updated by visiting the engagement website at engage.mansfield.vic.gov.au and following Mansfield Shire Council on social media for regular updates and announcements.

    Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about the redrafted masterplan?

    You can reach out to the Strategic Planning team at Mansfield Shire Council for any questions or concerns related to the redrafted masterplan.

    How does the new masterplan address the current and future needs of the community?

    The new masterplan aims to create a welcoming, accessible, and sustainable park that meets the diverse needs of the community by incorporating specific suggestions and ideas from residents, enhancing safety and accessibility

    Will the new masterplan take into consideration the needs of different age groups and people with disabilities?

    Yes, the new masterplan aims to make the park more inclusive and accessible for all age groups and people with disabilities. This includes incorporating features such as a dementia-friendly garden, improved paths, and accessible facilities.